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Customised solutions with a light and modular design furnish every area of the home with elegance. Environments to be designed in empathy with those who live in them to meet every living need.


suspended bed with soft fabric headboard | Fluttua Bed | LAGO

Fluttua Bed

modern bed with fabric headboard for bedroom | Air Bed | LAGO

Air Bed

designer double bed with steel legs | Steel Bed | LAGO

Steel Bed

modern design bed for bedroom | Bounty Bed | LAGO

Bounty Bed

brown fabric storage bed | Bed-In Bed  |LAGO

Bed-In Bed

accessorisable double bed headboard | Vele Bed | LAGO

Vele Bed

Green fabric bed | Bed Colletto | LAGO

Colletto Bed


wooden glass floating table | Air Table | LAGO

Air Table

wooden extendable table | Extendable Air Table | LAGO

Extendable Air Table

 1wood and glass round dining table | Air Slim Round Table | LAGO

Air Slim Table

modern design shaped glass table | Air Soft Table | LAGO

Air Soft Table

living room table with glass top | U Table | LAGO

U Table

sculptural table with round top | Janeiro Table | LAGO

Janeiro Table

elliptical glass top elegant table | Wadi Table | LAGO

Wadi Table

dining table shaped top | Hoa Table | LAGO

Hoa Table

extendable square table | Loto Table | LAGO

Loto Table

modern glass table | Meet Table | LAGO

Meet Table

white round dining room table | Stratum Table | LAGO

Stratum Table

clear wooden symmetrical table | P&J Table | LAGO

P&J Table

wall units

equipped glass oak wall | 36e8 Wall Unit | LAGO

36e8 Wall Unit

equipped TV wall with illuminated shelves | Materia Wall Unit | LAGO

Materia Wall Unit

glass suspended  living room wall unit | N.O.W. Wall Unit | LAGO

N.O.W. Wall Unit

dark marble wall unit | Air Wall Unit | LAGO

Air Wall Unit

black fitted wall | Lagolinea Wall Unit | LAGO

LagoLinea Wall Unit

wall unit suspended living room | 30mm Wall Unit | LAGO

30mm Wall Unit

detail of marble xglass shelves living room wall unit | 36e8 Wall Unit | LAGO

Dub Wall Unit

equipped wall with suspended glass shelves | 36e8 Wall Unit | LAGO

Cartesio Wall Unit

design wall lighting system | Glasserie Wall Unit | LAGO

Glasserie Wall Unit


Modern dining room furniture | 36e8 Sideboard  | LAGO

36e8 Sideboard

suspended glass sideboard | Sideboard 36e8 Glass | LAGO

36e8 Glass Sideboard

glass panel units | N.O.W. Sideboard | LAGO

N.O.W. Sideboard

xglass grey marble sideboard | Materia Sideboard | LAGO

Materia Sideboard

xglass marble dark design sideboard | Plenum Sideboard | LAGO

Plenum Sideboard

suspended sideboard with marble shelf xglass | Air Sideboard | LAGO

Air Sideboard


wooden glass top modular kitchen | 36e8 Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Kitchen

modern brown marble and smoked glass kitchen | 36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Glass Kitchen

floating wooden kitchen with black top | 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Wildwood Kitchen

light marble kitchen top | 36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Marble XGlass Kitchen

metallic glass and wood | 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Metal XGlass Metal Kitchen

kitchen with glass cabinets | Kitchen 36e8 Wood XGlass | LAGO

36e8 Wood XGlass Kitchen

finished kitchen with black top | 36e8 Fenix Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Fenix Kitchen


Air Kitchen


blu double-sided bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

Air Bookshelf

design wall bookshelf | LagoLinea Bookshelf | LAGO

LagoLinea Bookshelf

white wall-mounted modular bookcase | Pentagram Bookshelf | LAGO

Pentagram Bookshelf

wall-mounted bookcase with lighting | 30mm Bookshelf | LAGO

30mm Bookshelf

white hanging bookcase for living room | Weightless 30mm Bookshelf | LAGO

30mm Weightless Bookshelf

children’s bedroom with tree bookcase | Kids&Youg | LAGO

DiagoLinea Bookshelf


white bedroom wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

N.O.W. Wardrobe

modular bedroom wardrobe | N.O.W. Quick Wardrobe | LAGO

N.O.W. Quick Wardrobe

large wall-mounted wardrobe | Smart Wardrobe | LAGO

Smart Wardrobe

elegant bedroom wardrobe | Groove Wardrobe | LAGO

Groove Wardrobe

modern modular wardrobe | Cut Wardrobe | LAGO

Cut Wardrobe

large white bedroom wardrobe | Key Wardrobe | LAGO

Key Wardrobe

corner wardrobe | Flapp Wardrobe | LAGO

Flapp Wardrobe

white sliding wardrobe | N.O.W. Sliding Wardrobe | LAGO

N.O.W. Sliding Wardrobe

double-sided sliding door wardrobe | N.O.W. Quick Sliding Wardrobe | LAGO

N.O.W. Quick Sliding Wardrobe

custom fabric wardrobe | Et Voilà Wardrobe | LAGO

Et Voilà Wardrobe

tv units

modern black glass tv unit | 36e8 Glass Tv Unit | LAGO

36e8 Glass Tv Unit

living room  with Tv stand | Tv Unit 36e8 | LAGO

36e8 Tv Unit

living room with designer tv units | Materia Tv Unit | LAGO

Materia Tv Unit

design TV unit with hanging shelf | Air Tv Unit | LAGO

Air Tv Unit

living room Tv unit with display cabinets | N.O.W. Tv Unit  | LAGO

N.O.W. Tv Unit


beige sofa for modern living room | Air Sofa | LAGO

Air Sofa

corner sofa with peninsula for modern living room | Air Soft Sofa | LAGO

Air Soft Sofa

custom-made sofa with freestanding backrest | Air Soft Free Sofa | LAGO

Air Soft Free Sofa

modern sectional sofa grey | Air Soft Slim Sofa | LAGO

Air Slim Sofa

grigio sofa with freestanding backrests | Sand Sofa | LAGO

Sand Sofa

comfortable brown fabric sofa | Happening Sofa | LAGO

Happening Sofa

modular sofa with peninsula | Hero Sofa | LAGO

Hero Sofa

closed double chama chair bed | LAGO

Chama Sofa Bed


design lamp marble xglass clear | Glee Lamp | LAGO

Glee Lamp

Modern dining room lamps | Chic Lamp | LAGO

Chic Lamp

bedside tables

modern glass bedside table grey | 36e8 Bedside Table | LAGO

36e8 Bedside Tables

suspended glass nightstand | Hom Bedside Table | LAGO

Hom Bedside Tables

wall-hung bedroom bedside table | Materia Bedside Table | LAGO

Materia Bedside Tables

space-saving night table with three drawers | Morgana Bedside Table | LAGO

Morgana Bedside Tables

designer glass bedside tables | Upglass Bedside Table | LAGO

UpGlass Bedside Tables

design bedside table in wood and glass | Class Bedside Table | LAGO

Class Bedside Tables

white bedside tables with drawers | Air Bedside Table | LAGO

Air Bedside Tables

container bed with soft headboard | Bed-In Bed| LAGO

Air Round Bedside Tables

suspended glass nightstand | Pleasure Bedside Table | LAGO

Pleasure Bedside Tables

modern design glass bedside table | Livre Bedside Table | LAGO

Livre Bedside Tables

nightstand bedroom design | Snip Bedside Table | LAGO

Snip Bedside Tables

glass bedside table for bedroom | Tell Bedside Table | LAGO

Tell Bedside Tables


45white upholstered leather chair | Woop Chair | LAGO

Woop Chair

elegant leather and fabric chair | Ermes Chair  | LAGO

Ermes Chair

leather upholstered chair | Dangla Chair | LAGO

Dangla Chair

modern beige fabric chair | Pletra Chair | LAGO

Pletra Chair

design upholstered chair | Nacho chair | LAGO

Nacho Chair

modern designer fabric chair | Ruffle Chair | LAGO

Ruffle Chair

ergonomic upholstered fabric chair | Zeppelin Chair | LAGO

Zeppelin Chair

original grey felt seat | Steps Chair | LAGO

Steps Chair and Stool


Air Wildwood Bench

designer bench | SoftBench Bench | LAGO

Soft Bench

white indoor swing

Soft Swing

walk in-closets

full-wall walk-in wardrobe | Outfit Walk-In-Closet | LAGO

Outfit Walk-In-Closet

gold walk-in wardrobe with drawers | Vista Walk-In-Closet | LAGO

Vista Walk-In-Closet

open walk-in wardrobe in the middle of the room | Air Walk-In-Closet | LAGO

Air Walk-in-Closet

coffee tables

glass coffee table | Pleasure Coffee Table | LAGO

Pleasure Coffee Table

light wood coffee table for living room | Air Coffee Table | LAGO

Air Coffee Table

round wood and glass coffee table for living room | Air Round Coffee Table | LAGO

Air Round Coffee Table

glass coffee table for living room | Air Soft Coffee Table | LAGO

Air Soft Coffee Table

coloured living room occasional table | Blendie Coffee Table | LAGO

Blendie Coffee Table

curved wooden occasional table with glass supports | Lean Coffee Table | LAGO

Lean Coffee Table

marble glass occasional table | Upglass Coffee Table | LAGO

UpGlass Coffee Table

smoked bronze glass and marble occasional table | Layers Coffee Table | LAGO

Layers Coffee Table

designer coffee table for living room | 36e8 Coffee Table | LAGO

36e8 Coffee Table

glass coffee table | Materia Coffee Table | LAGO

Materia Coffee Table

glass smoked grey sofa table | Tell Coffee Table | LAGO

Tell Coffee Table

smoked glass coffee table | Livre Coffee Table | LAGO

Livre Coffee Table

wood and glass sofa table | Snip Coffee Table | LAGO

Snip Coffee Table


modern mirror with console unit | 36e8 Glass Console | LAGO

36e8 Glass Console

console table with mirror in wood and glass | Console 36e8 | LAGO

36e8 Console

designer entrance console table | Materia Console | LAGO

Materia Console

suspended wood and glass console table with decorative mirror |Air Console, Melty Mirror | LAGO

Air Console

modern glass console table with mirror | Fine Console | LAGO

Fine Console

animalier xglass console table with round mirror| Deba Console, Kibi Mirror | LAGO

Deba Console


modern bedroom design | 36e8 Dresser | LAGO

36e8 Dresser

smoked glass dresser | 36e8 Glass Chest of Drawers | LAGO

36e8 Glass Dresser

black glass and wood bedroom dresser | Air Dresser | LAGO

Air Dresser

white dresser | Materia Chest of Drawers | LAGO

Materia Dresser

Chest of drawers beige | Morgana chest of drawers | LAGO

Morgana Storage


beige fabric armchair | Air Armchair | LAGO

Air Armchair

soft designer living room armchair | Air Soft Armchair | LAGO

Air Soft Armchair

freestanding backrest | Air Soft Free Armchair | LAGO

Air Soft Free Armchair

comfortable living room armchair | Happening Armchair | LAGO

Happening Armchair

living room swivel armchair | Zeppelin Armchair | LAGO

Zeppelin Armchair

armchair with convertible backrest | Sand Armchair | LAGO

Sand Armchair

convertible fabric armchair | Chama Armchair | LAGO

Chama Armchair

beige armchair bed | Huggy Armchair | LAGO

Huggy Armchair


kitchen pantry unit with coloured glass panels | Kitchen | LAGO

N.O.W. Pantry

grey wall-mounted kitchen pantry unit | Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Pantry


Home studio furniture | Home Office | LAGO

Air Desk

modern glass desk | Livre Desk | LAGO

Livre Desk

single beds

Teenage bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Fluttua Single Bed

desk with bookcase for children’s bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Air Single Bed

fun children’s bedroom bookcase | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Steel Single Bed

bridge design children’s bedroom with designer desk | Kids&Youg | LAGO

LagoLinea Bed


Colletto Single Bed

floating single bed for children’s room | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Gizmo Bed


Modern bathroom | Depth Basin | LAGO

Depth Basin

Suspended bathroom cabinet | 36e8 Basin | LAGO

36e8 Basin

Design bathroom furniture | Kera Basin | LAGO

Kera Basin

floating wall-mounted bathroom washbasin

Cellule Basin

white ceramic washbasin with unit | Basica Basin | LAGO

Basica Basin

modern sink | Skin Basin | LAGO

Skin Basin

contemporary ceramic sink | Inbilico Basin | LAGO

Inbilico Basin


beige short pile rug | Ammos Rug | LAGO

Ammos Rug

Living room with modern rugs | Pulse Rug | LAGO

Pulse Rug

grey designer rugs | Dive Rug | LAGO

Dive Rug

modern living room rugs | Glenn Rug | LAGO

Glenn Rug

blue short pile rug | Phos Rug | LAGO

Phos Rug

dark design rug | Kaya Carpet | LAGO

Kaya Rug

alfombra gris | Alfombra Suna | LAGO

Suna Rug

brown designer living room rug | Mozek Carpet | LAGO

Mozek Rug

living room rug | Kipo Carpet |LAGO

Kipo Rug

modern living room rug | Diman Carpet | LAGO

Diman Rug

study units

floating bookcase with corner desk | Home Office | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf

bookcase with hidden desk | Home Office | LAGO

LagoLinea Study Bookshelf

wall-mounted bookcase with desk | Home Office | LAGO

Space Saving Ideas

furniture for-childrens-rooms

unit and desk for children’s bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

36e8 Storage for the Children’s Room

designer children’s room units | Kids&Youg | LAGO

LagoLinea Children’s Bookshelf

children’s bed with overhead units | Kids&Youg | LAGO

LagoLinea Desk

children’s bedroom desk | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Air Desk for children's room

Colorful children's bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

DiagoLinea Bookshelf for the children’s room

made-to-measure children's bedroom | Kids&Young | LAGO

30mm Bookshelf for the Children’s Room

bathroom furnishings

ceramic washbasin with wooden storage unit | Kera Basin | LAGO

36e8 Bathroom Furniture

02 en

LagoLinea Bathroom Shelves


Punto Storage


black polished glass dresser | 36e8 Glass Chest of Drawers | LAGO

Pleasure Mirror

smoked bronze glass mirror | Glass Mirror | LAGO

Glass Mirror

modern glass console table, framed mirror | Fine Console, Era Mirror | LAGO

Era Mirror

animalier xglass console table with round mirror| Deba Console, Kibi Mirror | LAGO

Kibi Mirror

modern glass console table with mirror | Fine Console | LAGO

Melty Mirror

grey glass sideboard with doors | 36e8 Glass Sideboard | LAGO

Punto Mirror

modular mirror with lighting | 36e8 Mirror | LAGO

36e8 Mirror

Design dining room with modern console | Console Materia | LAGO

Fuze Mirror

childrens wardrobes

Children's bedroom wardrobe | Kids&Youg | LAGO

N.O.W. Wardrobe for Children’s Room


N.O.W. Weightless Wardrobe for Children’s Room

Teenage bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

N.O.W. Quick Wardrobe for Children’s Room

children’s bedroom coloured corner wardrobe | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Smart Wardrobe for Children’s Room

blue children’s bedroom wardrobe | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Groove Wardrobe for Children’s Room

grey children’s bedroom wardrobe | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Cut Wardrobe for Children’s Room

children’s bedroom desk | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Key Wardrobe for Children’s Room

children’s bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors | Kids&Youg | LAGO

N.O.W. Quick Sliding Wardrobe for Children’s Room

desk for children’s bedroom | Kids&Youg | LAGO

Et Voilà Weightless Wardrobe for Children’s Room

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