suspended wood and glass console table with decorative mirror |Air Console, Melty Mirror | LAGO

Air Console

A light, wall-mounted console unit for the entrance

Designer Daniele Lago · 2023

Elegant shelving floating atop solid clear or smoked grey tempered-glass supports is how the Air console table presents itself. An essential design, to complete the look of your entrance space or living area. In the Wildwood version, the Air console can also include a practical, hidden drawer.

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wall-hung entrance console table with mirror | Air Console | LAGO

Light, floating design

The piece creates a magical floating effect, lightening the feel of the whole space. This captivating look is achieved through the contrast between the full top and transparent tempered-glass base.

entrance console with drawer | Air Console| LAGO

Built-in drawer

The chunky Wildwood top allows for a drawer to be inserted, integrated into the edge, and hidden from view. All thanks to its elegant 45° workmanship and a continuous grain.


Visceral age-old wood

Lightweight solid oak from certified forests flaunts its seductive grain across an 8 cm thick top. Thanks to a minimalist design and contraposition to subtle glass legs, the age-old rough wood material has a fresh, contemporary feel.

Materials and finishes
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