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36e8 Wildwood Kitchen

A modern wooden kitchen with a hi-tech core

Designer Daniele Lago · 2015

Majestic slabs of one-hundred-year-old Wildwood oak, worked by craftspeople to preserve the 3D grain, are what define the volumes in this warm, welcoming kitchen. Its wooden design offers a fabulous textured finish to create the overall look. A special heat-treatment process makes the wood highly resistant to wear and liquids, ensuring the kitchen lasts over time.  Aluminium profiles and the hi-tech Flapp handle add to the prized oak finish (4 mm thick) and preserve the grain continuity. Innovative features testify to the product’s quality build.

resistant and waterproof wooden kitchen | 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen | LAGO

Strong wood that stands the test of time

A special heat-treatment process makes the oak wood highly resistant to wear and liquids, ensuring the tops, doors and breakfast bars last over time.

kitchen unit opening invisible handle | 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen | LAGO

Flapp, an innovative invisible handle

Thanks to the magic of modern craftsmanship, this handle leaves an almost invisible mark. A subtle rectangle drawn on the door conceals the patented Flapp handle which, with a simple touch, pushes inwards to open base units and tall units.

resistant kitchen door with aluminium profile | Kitchen | LAGO

Tech door

The secret behind the doors in the 36e8 Wildwood kitchen is the structure: a lightweight aluminium frame, highly resistant to knocks and stresses, to keep the kitchen looking good and make it last. The brushed steel finish and 45° join are evidence of its high quality and the attention to detail.

wooden kitchen steel top | 36e8 Wildwood Kitchen | LAGO

Steel+ top

The Steel+ top provides a robust and hygienic surface. It is particularly attractive in the version with slats, where subtle incisions add rhythm and personality to the brushed top. The sink is built-in to create a practical and robust single steel unit.

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