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Air Desk

The best looking desk you’ll ever work at

Designer Daniele Lago · 2020

The new Air desk has an elegant and practical design, perfect for creating a home office to study or work in, helping boost concentration in a peaceful and tranquil space. The desk base is made from tempered glass, making it highly resistant and giving this structural feature an attractive look. A handy integrated drawer is concealed behind the Wildwood finish – a charming, age-old oak-wood grain that wraps around the design. This feature preserves the aesthetics of the piece, while keeping it practical as a work or study space. The desk top is highly customisable in an ultra-versatile XGlass finish. This material is durable, maintaining its stunning appearance over time, and is easy to clean.

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Integrated drawer

The chunky Wildwood top allows for a drawer to be inserted and hidden from view. This ensures the unit fulfils its practical purpose while also looking great.

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Luxury details

The option to add an XGlass top to the desk gives it a refined look, as well as making it resistant to wear and easy to clean, thanks to the physical properties of glass.

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A light look

The piece creates a magical floating effect, lighting the feel of the whole space. This captivating look is achieved through the contrast between the top and the transparent tempered-glass base.

Centenary Wildwood

The three-dimensional grain of this innovative lightened, solid oak, processed using artisan methods, offers a tactile and emotional experience. It is heat-treated to make it extremely strong and impermeable, so that it preserves its beauty over time.

A selection of the best variants

2745 Air Desk | LAGO

Air Desk 2745

2746AB Air Desk | LAGO

Air Desk 2746AB

2749 2750 Air Desk | LAGO

Air Desk 2749-2750

Air Desk 2747 2748 | LAGO

Air Desk 2747-2748

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