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Air Study Bookshelf

The ideal bookcase if you’re working or studying from home

Designer Daniele Lago · 2006

An elegant Bookshelf with a built-in desk to custom-furnish your study. A sound solution if you’re working or studying from home. The self-standing Air Bookshelf on glass supports seems to float in mid air, allowing natural light to filter through and lightening the look of the space. There are no limits on size and the unit can even be positioned in the middle of the room. It blends into the architecture, dividing the space as it extends up to the ceiling. Peace and privacy are guaranteed. Thanks to the built-in Air desk, you can create flexible compositions that can be moved around the space to suit your needs. Various different storage options and the double-sided finish mean you can create a comprehensive study space in which to work and learn.

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Modular LAGO furniture you can reconfigure to create custom solutions, adapting the composition to any configuration type or need in your living space.

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Thanks to a simple interlocking structure, this self-standing bookshelf and desk can be positioned anywhere in the room, adapting to suit the interiors. A versatile solution flaunting the light, contemporary design of LAGO’s Air range.

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Practical storage

Thanks to the modular build of the Air Study Bookshelf, you can add practical storage units and desk storage solutions to create the perfect space-saving office set-up.

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Internal lighting

The Air Study Bookshelf storage units feature LED lighting and electrical sockets, which allow you to make the most of the desk obtained from the unit door.

A selection of the best variants

Air Study Shelving 1323 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1323

Air Study Shelving 1256-1 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1256-1

Home office Furniture 1256-2 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1256-2

Air Study Shelving 1256-3 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1256-3

Air Study Shelving 1319-1 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1319-1

Home office Furniture 1319-2 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1319-2

Air Study Shelving 1319-3 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1319-3

Air Study Shelving 1912 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1912

Air Study Shelving 1255 | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1255

1272 Air Study Bookshelf | LAGO

Air Study Bookshelf 1272

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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