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Air Sofa

A modular sofa for your home

Designer Daniele Lago · 2011

The strength of the Air sofa lies in its modular build. Choose the fabrics, colours, seat depth and backrest height to shape your sofa, designed to suit your personality and idea of comfort. With its patented coupling mechanism, this sofa can be taken apart and rebuilt to create a unique design, morphing into three armchairs or two sofas, according to how the frames, seats, backrests and armrests are assembled.  The Air sofa can be supported by extra-clear tempered glass legs or elegant metal supports. In both cases, this sofa provides a comfy, functional solution, making the space feel light and airy.

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A modular, wall-mounted design

LAGO’s iconic floating design above glass or metal supports, combined with an ultra-modular design concept, makes for versatile solutions that bring a sense of lightness to the room.

modular corner sofa for modern living room | Air Sofa | LAGO

Freedom to create and design

The Air sofa is unrivalled when it comes to its modular design, adaptable to fit any space and style. Customise the materials and finishes, as well as the depth, width and height of the seats and backrest.

sofa with practical coupling system | Air Sofa | LAGO

Reconfigure the design to your heart’s content

Seats and backrests can be easily transformed, thanks to a patented hook-and-release mechanism. Air offers ultimate flexibility for your compositions, helping you reinvent your living room look time and time again.

modular sofa glass supports | Air Sofa | LAGO

Durable tempered glass supports

Tempered glass supports are attached to the frame by means of a secure patented mechanism. Elegantly transparent, they blend seamlessly into the space.

sofa with metal supports | Air Sofa | LAGO

Elegant metal supports

Add to the lightweight, modular design of the Air sofa, these elegant metal supports are available in a Titanio Steel and Peltro Steel finish.

A selection of the best variants

Air Sofa 0818 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0818

Air Sofa 0819 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0819

Air Sofa 0811 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0811

Air Sofa 0810 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0810

Air Sofa  0855 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0855

Air Sofa 0815 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0815

Air Sofa 0814-1 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0814

Air Sofa 0852 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0852

Air Sofa 0817 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0817

Air Sofa 0851 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0851

Air Sofa 0853 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0853

Air Sofa 0816 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0816

Air Sofa 0812 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0812

Air Sofa 0854 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0854

Air Sofa 0813 | LAGO

Air Sofa 0813

Air Sofa 2736-1 | LAGO

Air Sofa 2736

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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