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Air Bookshelf

Perfectly poised and lighter than air

Designer Daniele Lago · 2006

A reinterpretation of space, changing the relationship between full and empty volumes. The self-standing Air Bookshelf on glass supports seems to float in mid air, allowing natural light to filter through and really lightening the look of the space. The shelves and storage units are secured to the glass using an interlocking mechanism, making for an extremely safe and stable structure. There are no limits on size and the bookcase can even be positioned in the middle of the room. It blends into the existing architecture, becoming a partition that divides up the space harmoniously.

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Floating on subtle supports

The tempered-glass panels, which are highly resistant to knocks, are anchored to the storage units and shelves using an interlocking mechanism that ensures the structure is extremely safe and stable.
grey floating bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

Magically slotted together

The bookcase storage units and shelves are supported by subtle vertical structures in extra-clear glass: a contrast that conveys extreme lightness to the living room.

Living room with modern bookshelf | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

Freedom to create and express yourself

The bookcase shelves can be aligned or staggered, and are available in different thicknesses, making them infinitely customisable. Use different colours and materials to create dynamic and original juxtapositions.

light blue glass floating bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

Self-standing and double-faced

With no fastening requirements, the floating Air bookcase can be stood against any type of wall or positioned as a centrepiece. The shelves are fully finished on both sides. 

vertical glass floating bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

An ultra-flexible design, for all your space needs

A wide range of design solutions make the Air bookcase suitable for meeting your every size and functional need: whether small, medium or large covering an entire wall, Air can be tailored to any space, with the help of LAGO’s interior designers. 

grey double-sided bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

An architectural feature to divide up your space

Rising to the ceiling and being finished on both sides, the Air bookcase creates rooms within rooms and subdivides areas while maintaining harmony between rooms.

wooden glass partition bookcase | Air Bookshelf | LAGO

Solutions chosen for you or tailor-made

Thanks to its extreme modularity, LAGO design allows furniture to be moulded according to space, meeting any requirement. In fact, the LAGO collection includes not only pre-configured products, which can be customised in standard dimensions, materials and finishes, but also includes the possibility of developing customised solutions with the support of our interior designers.

A selection of the best variants

Air Shelving 0558 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0558

Air Shelving 1462 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 1462

Air Shelving 0557 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0557

Air Shelving 0561 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0561

Air Shelving 0559 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0559

Air Shelving 0538 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0538

Air Shelving 0686-1 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0686

Air Shelving 0633-1 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0633

Air Shelving 1464 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 1464

Air Shelving 1463 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 1463

Air Shelving 2685 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 2685

Air Shelving 2682-1 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 2682

Air Shelving 0534 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0534

Air Shelving 1465 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 1465

Air Shelving 0628 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0628

Air Shelving 0545 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 0545

Air Shelving 2684 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 2684

Air Shelving 1466 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 1466

Air Shelving 1467 | LAGO

Air Bookshelf 1467

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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