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N.O.W. Wardrobe

A glass wardrobe that vanishes into the bedroom space.

Designer Daniele Lago · 2006

The irregular rhythm of the glass door fronts and absence of any handles create the impression of the N.O.W. wardrobe vanishing into the space, integrating perfectly into the existing architecture. Gently press on the door to watch it open in a way you didn’t think possible, thanks to our patented mechanism. Personalise each N.O.W. glass panel using LAGO colours or XGlass marble, metal and fabric finishes to create infinite combinations of textures and colours.

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custom white wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

One unit blending into the existing architecture

The rhythm of the glass panels and absence of any handles create the impression of the wardrobe vanishing into the space, integrating the N.O.W. modular units perfectly with the bedroom architecture. 

Innovative patented opening

This simple, practical opening mechanism exploits the pliability and resistance of spring steel. Simply press gently on the door to open it.
designer wardrobe with glass panels | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Individual glass panels, infinite colour moods

The colour of each glass door panel can be customised to create deep, intense reflections, adding a splash of colour and personality to the bedroom. Available in both matt and polished finishes.

double-sided partition wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Luxury finishes using revolutionary technology

Create unique designs by customising the glass panels with striking wood, marble, metal and fabric finishes, thanks to innovative XGlass digital technology. 

modern corner wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Bespoke designs

Designable as standard in units 1.5 cm wide, N.O.W. is an extremely versatile wardrobe that can adapt to, and make the most of, any existing space. 

internal wardrobe drawers | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Unique internal finishes

N.O.W. has been perfected down to the smallest interior details: the back panels and drawer units feature elegant textured touches, creating an exceptional tactile finish.

interior detail glass wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Elegant smoked-glass see-through effects

Frameless smoked-bronze glass panels measuring 8 mm are integrated into the door, without the need for any supports. This refined construction detail, together with the patented opening mechanism, preserves the ultra-clean lines of the N.O.W. wardrobe and maintains the effect of architectural mimesis.

double-sided wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Cladding on all sides, plus a double-faced finish

The N.O.W. wardrobe is also finished on the back and sides, making it an architectural piece to divide up your space and help to organise them in a functional way.

bedroom wardrobe | N.O.W. Wardrobe | LAGO

Solutions chosen for you or tailor-made

Thanks to its extreme modularity, LAGO design allows furniture to be moulded to suit the space, responding to any need. In fact, the LAGO collection includes not only pre-configured products, which can be customised in standard dimensions, materials and finishes, but also includes the possibility of developing customised solutions with the support of our interior designers.

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N.O.W Wardrobe 1149A | LAGO

N.O.W. Wardrobe N.O.W.

Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
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