wooden washbasin with bathroom storage units

Depth Basin

Magically designed wall-mounted washbasin

Designer Daniele Lago · 2013

A transparent window of water created from an 8 cm thick shelf. The Depth basin plays with a feeling of an empty, open void with its inclined bottom in clear glass. Wildwood, made from centuries-old oak with a sculpted grain, adapts perfectly to the space and creates an elegant surface. The material has been heat treated, making it highly resistant to liquids for renewed hold.

wall-mounted wooden washbasin | Depth Basin | LAGO

Elegantly robust

The Depth basin, carved out of a sculpted, centuries-old oak trunk in Wildwood, provides an unexpected textured element, floating in the bathroom space. The heat treatment applied to the wood makes it fully waterproof and extremely resistant.

designer wooden washbasin | Depth Basin | LAGO

A magical design

Thanks to an innovative exploration of inclined lines and a glass bottom, the effect created is both magical and ultra elegant, as well as allowing the water to drain away quickly. This unique design piece gives the bathroom space a striking touch of class and modernity.

Wildwood, the indestructible and unalterable wood

A special heat-treatment process of the Wildwood oak makes the table top extremely wear-resistant and impermeable to liquids, ensuring its durability.
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