Modern island kitchen | 36e8 Metal XGlass Kitchen | LAGO


Modern kitchens with islands, peninsulas, or linear layouts designed for those who live in them.

On the floor or suspended, LAGO's modern kitchens are to be custom-designed to meet your needs and those of your spaces. LAGO's design kitchens are modular and built around the people who live in them, designed to endure over time. The transparency of glass and the warmth of centuries-old oak wood create a space where modernity and tradition harmoniously come together. Design pantries and customized containers are the ingredients to complete the perfect recipe for your kitchen.

Suspended modular kitchen | 36e8 Kitchen | LAGO

36e8 Kitchens

A LAGO kitchen is built around the people who live in it, custom-designed for their space and designed to last. Discover the ingredients of LAGO design and create the perfect recipe for your kitchen.

36e8 Kitchens
Modern kitchen pantry | Kitchen | LAGO


Extensible and customisable inside and out, kitchen pantries are instrumental in the creativity of cooking, reducing clutter and allowing maximum space optimisation.

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